• My items are one-off hand selected vintage china pieces with text and drawings hand painted in French Porcelain paint and heat fused for use.
  • Vintage items are delicate and need to be washed by hand with care and gentle detergent not harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid sharp utensils as this will scratch the designs.


  • This shop is in USD
  • Paypal account holders and credit cards payments. I do not accept money orders or checks.
  • Each item is ONE OF A KIND, NO reserves will be placed.
  • No exchanges can be made so please choose carefully
  • Once you buy payment is expected within 48 hours.
  • Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for money and must be redeemed within 6 months of purchase.


  • If the item you bought is returned to me, additional postage costs will apply if you want me to resend it, so be very certain of your postal details when buying something.
  • Sometimes postal centers are guilty of mis-sorting and this can result in a delayed parcel. Unfortunately if this happens you are simply unlucky and I do not compensate for this as it is beyond my control.
  • I use recycled boxes, bubblewrap and polychips for packaging- not always pretty to look at but as sturdy as I can make it.
  • Please send additional postage details eg, a change of address or other messages in with your  order or convo me.
  • Many of my boxes are outsized and this may result in a card to call left instead of delivery.